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Gifts of Stock

Why Donate Stocks and Other Marketable Securities?

Many friends of St. Ann’s are enhancing their charitable giving while reducing their taxes by directly donating specific shares of appreciated securities.

Normally, when an individual sells his or her appreciated securities and donates the proceeds, that person might be subject to tax on the gains they achieved and therefore, have less money to contribute to charity. However, since St. Ann’s is a tax-exempt organization, we don’t pay capital gains tax on the sale of securities. This makes donating securities a popular giving option. Of course, each person’s circumstances are different so consult with your financial planner, accountant or estate attorney to discuss your specific situation.

How to Donate Securities to St. Ann’s

  1. Contact St. Ann’s Development Department ([email protected] or 301-559-5500) to let us know of your gift. Please indicate your name, the name of the investment, the number of shares, and the approximate value of the gift.
  2. Have your broker/advisor contact St. Ann’s Development Department who will then direct your broker to our Investment Advisor.
  3. After St. Ann’s is notified that your donated securities are received, we will acknowledge your gift with the information you need for your tax records.